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TrailRunner Magazine
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Winner: Best Feature Documentary
Eugene Film Festival

Adventures NW Magazine

"Watching Todd Warger and Brian Young's all-around fun documentary, you understand how miraculous it was that no one was killed during the three years the race was held. Mixing vintage photos, amusing re-creations and interviews with historians and ultra-marathoners to emphasize the danger the racers faced and their mad courage in going for it, "The Mountain Runners" is a rollicking look back at a memorable bit of Northwest lore. "
--The Oregonian

"The show sold out. Rave reviews amassed! We think the film has a wide appeal because it tells the story of an amazing, true adventure here in Washington state that until now really had not been told," says Zach Powers, marketing director at The Grand. "It is a suspenseful story that pits local heroes against the elements and terrain." --The Grand Cinema, Tacoma

Grade: "B"
"Todd Warger and Brian Young's The Mountain Runners is a history lesson examining an event that makes modern-day Iron Man competitors seem like fun-runners. The event in question is Bellingham, Wash.'s Mount Baker Marathon and its 1911 origin story, when competitors boarded trains and prototype racecars, zoomed up the mountain and sprinted to the peak in tank tops and climbing boots. It's a crazy tradition, and using archival footage, voice-over interviews and insights by endurance runners, the directors capture it with gonzo glee, helped along by some digitally altered footage of actors making the ascent." ---Willamette Week

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